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2023 & 2024

Nut Tree Outdoor Nursery is an independent outdoor nursery for children aged 3 to 5 years old, situated in leafy Purley, Croydon, UK. We spend the majority of our days outside in our unique gardens, playing in shade of our hazelnut trees and spending time in our little orchard. With access to nearby woodlands, we embrace our community and the opportunities it offers to learn how to be together.


Grounded in research, our approach to Early Years Education is guided by:

  • Valuing the importance of outdoor experiences for exploration, learning and development.

  • Respect: we promote respect for the child by viewing them as a competent individual in need of secure relationships, consistency, challenge and risk, autonomy, time to play without interruption and freedom to explore their world.



We are passionate about offering children the ideal environment in which to thrive. We believe this means being outside, and being supported by adults with an in-depth understanding of child development. 


Watering the Garden

New Beginnings

We are busy creating something amazing for children aged 3 to 5 years old.

Herb Garden

Work With Us

We are looking for a Deputy Manager and Early Years Practitioner to join the Nut Tree Team.

Vegetable Picking

Connecting with Nature

Give childhood back to children. We believe that children should have time to explore nature.


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