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New Beginnings

We are busy creating something amazing for children aged 3 to 5 years old. A place where children will have the time and opportunity for uninterrupted play in the great outdoors.

Time Spent Outdoors

Think back to your own childhood. The chances are that you'll remember times spent outside as a child. I have lots of memories of summer holidays spent at the meadows down the road from my childhood home with my brother. We'd skip over cow pats, climb trees and try to catch minnows in the stream. These aren't the kind of memories our children are likely to have. Recent National Trust research showed that children spend half the time playing outside that their parents did.

Nut Tree Outdoor Nursery

There are many studies that show the benefits of outdoor play. Now, more than ever, we are learning about the benefits of spending time outdoors. Covid-19 has reminded us of our human need to connect and spend time in nature.

This is part of why we have begun our work with Nature Nurtures to create something amazing for our young children aged 3 to 5 years old in South Croydon. Nature Nurtures are part of the social enterprise Nurture My Way who work with passionate early years practitioners and social entrepreneurs to bring about impactful change in our communities. We are really excited to be working with these early years specialists who we feel are best placed to advise us on shaping Nut Tree Outdoor Nursery.

We are creating a unique space at Nut Tree Outdoor Nursery for children to experience Forest School and outdoor play in a private, safe and varied environment. Complete with home gardens, the little orchard and the cabin, we envisage a unique place, unlike anywhere else in Purley, or indeed South Croydon.

Join us here as we set sail on our journey together with Nature Nurtures.

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