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Here at Nut Tree Outdoor Nursery, we love to spend our time outdoors. Our home gardens are truly a special place to be, complete with mud kitchen, our famous nut trees and little orchard. There's no where else quite like it!

Observing Flowers

We spend the majority of our days outside. To ensure your child is comfortable and able to get on with the important work of play, we have provided a seasonal kit list.

When you enrol your child at Nut Tree Outdoor Nursery, a set of waterproof trousers and jacket is provided. 


Jumping in Puddles

Here are the everyday items your child needs for each session:

  • Waterproofs

  • Water bottle

  • Closed toe shoes / boots

  • Two labelled change of clothes

  • Two nut free and healthy snacks

  • Nappies/Pullups and wipes





  • Short sleeve top

  • Jumper (as it can be cool at the beginning of the day)

  • Sun cream (please apply at home and provide in your child's bag so we can reapply as necessary)

  • Sun hat

  • UV suit and towel (for water sprinkler days)



  • Snow suit (two pieces or all-in-one)

  • Snow boots (fleece lined & waterproof)

  • Thermal base layer - leggings, long sleeve top and long thermal socks

  • A thinner long sleep top

  • A warm fleece/wool long sleeve top.

  • Cosy trousers e.g. tracksuit pants (NOT jeans).

  • Gloves (magic gloves are good as they do not absorb water easily). We recommend buying a cheap multi pack of gloves that can be easily washed and replaced throughout the session.

Blueberry Bush

Breakfast consists of cereal and toast and a warm lunch is prepared and cooked onsite.

Meal Times

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